#Imagine Kidz is a brand new branch of the National #Imagine movement that started in 2014. This part of the movement focuses on children between the ages of 10-12 years.

#Imagine Kidz is a nationwide dream, and we want to start by bringing children together from everywhere!

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Each #Imagine Kidz experience will be hosted during the holidays of 30 September – 7 October 2016.

An experience will be build around a 3 day event, of 3 hours per day, similar to that of a traditional holiday club. During this experience there will be a focus on praise & worship, relevant activities and arts and crafts. Some hosts might even serve a light meal.

The #Imagine Kidz experience will have one focus: To empower children to transform their homes and schools with the healing power of Christ.


From the age of eleven years, children are starting to develop the ability to understand and conceive abstract concepts and ideas. They are beginning to understand what the impact of their actions might be on someone else, on the community or on themselves.

The good news is that a child’s dreams are not easily trampled. With hope of a future a child may feel free to embrace a dream, not for self-fulfilling purposes, but for those around them.

#Imagine Kidz hope to ignite the dreams of children. #Imagine Kidz hope to inspire, empower and disciple children to live responsibly at home, the school and the church. #Imagine Kidz believe that children are active participants within each and every community and culture. They do not just receive the culture anymore, they are starting to develop the culture.




#Imagine Kidz inspire children to dream, believe and do in Christ


We believe Jesus is King

God’s Word is our foundation

We serve our community and country in unity

We are multi-cultural

We believe that the future lies in the hands of our children



  • #Imagine Kidz will be hosted at different venues. This means 30 hosts.

A host is a church, school, creché, or community that registered as a host and received the start-up package.

  • Each host will have the privilege of hosting their unique #Imagine Kidz experience at a date that best suits their community during the school holidays of 30 September – 10 October 2016.


  • Each host will need to apply to host an #Imagine Kidz experience:

This will help us to monitor the distribution of the experiences across the country, and make sure that each host is committed, motivated and in for the long run.

No matter where your community is, each community will be mobilized to host a high quality #Imagine Kidz experience to the best of their resources.

If there is an #Imagine Kidz experience near you that’s already registered, we would prefer to link you up with that experience.

Registration: closes 31 August 2016

  • When you have been approved to be a host, you will receive the link to register your #Imagine Kidz experience and pay the minimum registration fee of R300.

Start-up package

  • Once the registration fee -R300 – has been paid, you will receive a link to download the start-up package that will include:
    • #Imagine Kidz Experience guide: Your step-by-step action plan for hosting an #Imagine Kidz Experience. This includes:
      • Venue requirements
      • Monthly Checklist
      • Three suggestion for programs to use
      • Social Media Guidelines
      • Indemnity forms
      • Entry form for children attending
      • Registration Sheet
      • Interactive Feedback form
      • Includes leadership training material
    • Posters and flyers to printed

Upon registration, you will receive the Experience Guide & marketing material

  • Powerpoint template to use for building a PowerPoint and to use for Facebook post
  • Unique, #Imagine Kidz content to present at your 3 day #Imagine Kidz experience. Each host is responsible for the print of all content.
    • Written Drama’s
    • Content to present
    • Animated Bible texts to use
    • Crafts
    • Suggestions for acitivites
    • Three different suggestions for program to follow
  • Content for four Sundays to present after the #Imagine Kidz experience.
    • This will help to steer the flame lit within each child to dream, believe, and do.
  • Suggested songs for Praise and worship to supplement the music your church, school or community already love and enjoy
  • Online Training:
    • Online Video training
      • Engaging with large groups
      • Engaging with small groups
      • Volunteers and leaders (certian topics in printed leadership training material are highlighted)


  • Adults and young leaders must participate as group leaders

It is required that there must be 1 leader (teenager or adult) for every 6-8 children.


We want as many children to attend an #Imagine Kidz experience closest to them. However, not everyone can afford to pay the minimum participation fee. There we offer sponsorships to communities, or groups of children, that want to participate at an #Imagine Kidz experience.



Please read before you apply

Before you can register as a host, you need to apply to be a host. This process will assist us to:

1. Monitor distribution of #Imagine Kidz Experiences across the country
2. Link potential hosts to registered hosts near each other
3. We would like to ensure that, as host, you:

  • Agree and maintain #Imagine Kidz values and vision
  • Host an event that crosses cultural and economic boundaries within your community
  • Host an event that invite and welcome all denominations within your community to participate at an #Imagine Kidz experience.
  • Will not promote a particular cause, of belief, or doctrine, other than that of the grace, forgiveness and salvation that Jesus made possible by dying on the cross and rising to the right hand of God.
  • Are fully committed to seeing your event through, from start to finish.
  • Will do the best you can with what you have to host an #Imagine Kidz experience.

This application does not mean that you are registered as a host for an #Imagine Kidz experience.

After your application has been processed, and approved, you will receive the link to register as a host.

A registration fee of R300 needs to be paid with the completion of the registration form.

You are only considered a host once the registration and registration fee has been received.


click here to apply as an #Imagine Kidz host


The #Imagine Kidz movement wants to partner with as many local members of the community, organizations and businesses as possibile to host an effective #Imagine Kidz experience.

If you, your organization or business are interested in becoming part of this experience:


We will be in touch as soon as possible to discuss your sponsorship.



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